Static Sphin Dames 28 Inch stadsfiets 3 versnelling Dark-blue

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Static Sphin women's bike 3 versnelling dark blue

The Static Sphin women's bike 3 versnelling dark blue is a wonderfully comfortable bike to participate in the daily traffic in the city in a pleasant and safe way. The city bike is equipped with a unique design and has a saddle that is shaped in a way that offers the perfect support. You can cycle at different levels of gravity by using the 3 gears of this Static Sphin women's bike.

The Static Sphin women's 28 inch 3-speed bike has a luggage carrier with fast-binders. If you want to bring a bag on your bike, you can do so very easily by using the quick binders. The bicycle lamps in the rear light and headlight are equipped in the form of LED bicycle lights. The Static Sphin women's bike comes with a ring lock. The bike can be stabled independently with the side standard.

Wheel size: 28 inch
Frame size: 53 cm
Frame Material: Steel
Brake: V-brake Handbrake
Rear brake: Coster break
Lighting for: LED lighting
Illumination: LED lighting
Transmission: 3 speed
Luggage rack: Yes, including quick-release straps
Slot: slot
Standard: Single standard
De fiets wordt 85% rijklaar in een bouwpakket geleverd

The bike is delivered 85% ready to drive in a kit


Specificatie Waarde


Type fiets Urban fiets
Geslacht Voor vrouwen
Kleur Dark-Blue
Framemaat 53 cm
Materiaal frame Staal
Wielmaat 28 inch
Gewicht 20 kg


Type aandrijving Ketting
Aantal versnellingen 3
Met vering Nee
Type rem voor Terugtraprem
Type rem achter V-brake


Overige kenmerken

Doelgroep Volwassenen
Gewicht 20 g
Uitvoering crankstel Single
Verpakking breedte 30 mm
Verpakking hoogte 90 mm
Verpakking lengte 120 mm